Gregory Wellman (b. 1971) is a professional portrait painter currently based in Devon, U.K.

His representational work in oils, acrylic and pastel has travelled across the world. Clients and collectors can be found in London, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Europe and Australia. They include film directors, actors and private collectors.

In his portrait work, Gregory not only achieves a remarkable likeness, but a real sense of the person’s inner world, something of their true essence. The paintings are full of strong light and colour, and have an undeniable presence.

He has been short listed for the Daily Mail’s Not The Turner Prize, commissioned by The Royal Marine’s Rifle Association and has had work exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London. 


 Heatherbell was born in Dorset. After graduating in 1978 from Exeter University in Fine Art and Education she travelled overland to India and South East Asia before landing a job in Italy.

 She was Head of Art in Wiltshire during the 80’s and ran a Girls’ Boarding House at Blundell’s from 1993-2008. She created many backdrops for the musicals and plays and whilst painting the stage set for South Pacific realised her true ambition was to paint full time. This she has done since 2010 and her sketch book on Scilly is now on display at the Brooklyn Art Libraries, New York. Heatherbell is now exhibiting in Orlando Florida with the Twitter Art Exhibit, and Thelma Hulbert Galley in Honiton. Her next solo show: Special places of the west country is at A la Ronde, Exmouth, April 23 - May7th


Alan Norman is a self taught artist who creates pieces of various sizes in acrylic,mixed media and even oils sometimes.
I like to explore various techniques,using anything that is lying around or that i find on my strolls here and there, these can include,glass,bone,wire mesh and sand.
In 2012 i won the Tiverton Gazette award at the Tiverton Art Society exhibition for my piece titled "CLASH CITY ROCKERS ".
Much of my work is of a political persuasion,this usually involves abit of Tory bashing ( not a bad hobby).
I also create work showing various scenes in and around the Tiverton area, recenty i was commissioned to paint an an acrylic painting to celebrate the opening of the new pavilion at Tiverton Heathcoat C.C.


Hello, my name is Teodora and I am a full time artist. I moved to Devon in 2006 and came to Tiverton a year later. I am proud to be part of the Made in Tiverton group as a painter and arts promoter. I am currently experimenting with a variety of media and techniques and I am inspired by Devon landscapes, music and poetry. My paintings can be purchased from JoJo’s and Leat Street Gallery in Tiverton and I have exhibited with gloss-Art gallery in Exeter, West Country Gallery in Weston-Super-Mare, The Moreton Galley in Gloucestershire and various group exhibitions as part of Devon Artist Network and Tiverton Art Society. I also write art related articles for Leisure Painter magazine in the UK and for various clients and galleries in Europe and USA.


Maggie was born in the Historic City of Nottingham in 1958 and began painting and drawing at a very early age. Many hours were spent in the Art Galleries at Nottingham Castle gazing at the mastery of the paintings hung there. After moving to the West Country in 1977 her inspiration has come more and more from the natural unspoiled beauty that abounds in the Devon landscape

Maggie has exhibited her works throughout the united Kingdom